Cian Jay

Cian Jay is an 18 year old musician and producer from London, UK.

Over the last 2 years, his music has become an external thrust outwards, in regards to his more internal thoughts and feelings; love, loss, his lack of focus, his love for the British party scene etc. Despite these varying subjects, it all makes sense; his songs run like an artsy exposition of the modern day young adult in 2020. They’re raw, authentic, and at times - either very poignant or very hillarious. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Streets and fellow British predecessors, his music has taken the shape of a rebellious, unapologetic, ‘in-your-face-‘ kind of soundscape that isn’t afraid to offend. Masking a lot of his truer feelings in humour and satire, there are glints of sadness in his words, questioning his place in the world, along with the blurred lines between realness and performance.