Songwriter and producer Howardson makes music that is built on the philosophy that “nothing is sacred.”

His productions are about honesty, fear, love, and the questions we ask the ether. Originally from South Florida, he developed an affinity for production, at a young age; often making beats for classmates to rap over and helping them record in his bedroom. This curiosity grew to become an obsession, learning multiple instruments and songwriting styles. Now, as an artist, he takes the experiences of those formative years, and synthesizes them with myriad influences like Ludwig Göransson, Iron and Wine, Travis Scott, and Coldplay. This makes for an intentionally distracted sound, actively avoiding definition.

Howardson’s upcoming self-produced EP “waiting to feel ok again” is a personal exploration into the meaning of connection and acceptance in the current age. With heavily distorted rhythms which can flip to gently curious tones and back again at any moment, the project is a sonically diverse piece that finds cohesion in it’s emotional vulnerability.



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