Native Son

Native Son is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer creating alternative music synthesized with elements of Hip-Hop, Punk, Jazz and Soul.

Born and raised in Brooklyn and later in Rockland County, New York; Native Son infuses his appreciation for contrasting genres on what are often moody and emotive songs. Driven by what he calls, “a need to narrate the everyday,” the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter makes music that explores every aspect of our lives- whether it be confusion, depression, joy, fatigue, or even boredom. Having lived in New York his entire life, Native Son draws inspiration and sonic motifs from the underground and alternative scenes of its boroughs and towns; citing Lounge Lizards, Blood Orange and ESG as some of his primary influences- along with other national and international artists like King Krule, Les Nubians and Frank Ocean. His upcoming debut, “Metro Dread,” works to fuse elements of Alternative Hip-Hop, Punk, Jazz and Soul- and was completely written, arranged, composed, and produced by the artist while in isolation. All of these genres come together in an album that serves as commentary on time, blackness, romance and death.



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